Jamco FAQs

How do I sign up?

Simply register for an account by clicking here and you can start voting on game jams! If you’d like to be registered as an admin, drop me an email at josh@duffety-wong.com . Once Jamco is out of Alpha, you will be able to sign up as a jam administrator by purchasing an admin license from the website shop.

What can I do as a Jam Admin?

As a Jam Admin, you can add your game jam to the collection on the website, import all of the submissions for the jam, and manage the submissions (delete duplicates and unwanted submissions). You will be able to see how many people have voted on a game jam and manage the votes. You can set a date for submissions to open and close, as well as the date that the results go live to voters. For features will be added as the website progresses through alpha and beta testing.

My game is not appearing in the list?

In order for your game to appear for a jam and be voted on using Rank Jam, it needs to meet some criteria:

  1. The game must be uploaded on itch.io
  2. The game must be tagged on itch.io with the hashtag of the jam
  3. The game must have been submitted to itch.io within the submission period specified for the jam.
  4. The game must not have been submitted previously for another jam.

If you are unsure what tag your game needs, the hashtag of the jam displays next to the jam name on Rank Jam. Note it can sometimes differ from the Twitter hashtag that is used for the jam.


I have voted but I can’t see the results?

The final results will appear at a date after the end of game submissions chosen by the jam administrator. Once the results are live, you can view them in your My Account page using the link under your jam votes.


My game has appeared for one jam, but not for another?

Jam games can only be submitted for a single jam on Rank Jam. This prevents people from reusing the same game multiple times, and also avoids duplicates in the system.